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Zone Floorball - the floorball brand with attitude and bold floorball products.

Zone floorball

Zone floorball was started in 2001 by three people from Unihoc who dropped out and started Zone. They wanted more and had different visions of how a floorball brand should be.

As the first achievement was the released of the floorball blade ZIP 2001. The blade was a success. After that, Zone continued to deliver floorball products that really stand out and challenges what is already known. For example, Zone was the first floorball brand to release real floorball sticks for really small children. The Piraya-series came in 2004 and is still hanging around.

Zone has continued to challenge by releasing the OnePiece-grip, something that all other brands then embraced. They made the world's lightest stick with the Zone Air, a square shaft and Glove-stick, gloves instead for a traditional grip on the floorball stick.

All along, tough design and cocky attitude is Zones hallmark.

After a few years Zone also took the cocky move to buy up the larger floorball brand Unihoc! The circle closed.

Zone floorball is currently owned by Renew Group AB, which also owns Unihoc. Renew is one of the largest companies in floorball and also sells equipment under the brand Reactor.


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