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X3M Floorball
X3M is the floorball brand who wants to stand out from the crowd.

X3M or Extreme was a floorball brand that was started in 2001 in Gothenburg by some people associated with Renew Group (Unihoc and Zone) and a specialist store that was operation in the late 1900s. The brand did not immediately become a success under their wings and in 2007, they sold the brand to Salming Sports.

Salming made a serious investment in the X3M floorball with new, cooler and more game-friendly products. The X3M was the floorball brand with attitude for individualists, unlike the brand Salming, which was more for mean men.

X3M launched its palmy days, the Custom Lab. A whole new way to buy an floorball stick in parts and thus get a really personalized stick.

But after the 2013/2014 season, it was over and X3M floorball was closed down.