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Unihoc is one of the world's oldest floorball brands, founded in 1972 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Unihoc is a technology-driven floorball brand that invests heavily in technical playing characteristics in their floorball equipment.

Unihoc floorball - probably the best floorball brand 

Unihoc floorball brand has been around since 1972, but founded in fact in the 60s. Unihoc manufactured much of the material used when floorball was born.

Unihoc have worked a lot with the development of the material. Sticks and blades are developed in close cooperation between Unihoc, engineers and floorball players. Unihoc focus is to make technical floorball gear with excellent playing properties. They are the floorball brand that first developed shaft with bubbles and waves to move the flex point in the shafts.

Biggest success so far is the curve-shaft that came to the floorball season 06/07. Since then they have developed several curve shafts with different degrees in the curve.

For floorball season 14/15 Unihoc took a step further and released real floorball shoes. Indoor Shoes that had taken several years to develop and refine to suit the fast game of floorball.

Unihoc is owned since 2004 by Renew Group AB which also owns floorball brand Zone. Besides personal equipment for floorball players Renew Group also sells rims, goals, and of course lots of floorball balls.

Watch a film were Unihoc explains their stick series.

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