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Salming, the hockey legenden that became a floorball brand.

Salming floorball
Salming Floorball is quite obviously originated from hockey legend Börje Salming. First out was the underwear that came back in 1991. A year also Salming Floorball often uses in their designs. 1998 was the time for floorball to make an entrance. We at Innebandybutiken sold our first Salming floorball sticks already in 1999 (even though we did not exist then).

Salming has come a long way since then and the period as a housebrand for floorball att Stadium (swedish sport retail shops). Salming is now a outstandning floorball brand all over the world. They claim that they are the brand for the athlete. Product development and design go hand in hand and Salming is paying attention to details. Maybe it's in the details it is perhaps? They do no nonesene products for no nonsense people.

Recently Salming has gone from just underwear and floorball to diversify in sports. They addes handball, squarsh and running. And we think there's more to come.

Salming is sold and developed by Salming Sports AB, a subsidairy to Libro Group. The company name was formerly X3M Sweden AB and the also own the floorball brand X3M.

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