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Oxdog floorball is the innovative floorball brand with roots in Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic.

Oxdog - others will follow

Oxdog is a brand launched by the Swedish guy who also started Canadien once. He simply thought that he had too many good product ideas left to try. And that decision led to the start of Oxdog 2011.

Oxdog as a brand want to test the limits of the equipment for floorball. So, for example, they created Oxdog OnePiece, a floorball stick entirely of carbon fiber with no loose blade. But since all of floorball equipment must be approved by the IFF and SP it has not reached floorball fields yet (2015). Three years later (2018) it is still not here...

Oxdog also invented SBS, a weight system sitting in sticks endcap. By regulating the weight in the cap you can balance your floorball stick so that it suits you better.

Oxdog has also created a floorball ball that has a different surface pattern that makes it faster than other balls. They also invented a floorball goalie helmet with larger face aperture that lets you get much larger field of view.

Oxdog is the brand and the company behind is named Evosport AB. Evosport is based in Piteå, but have partners are also in Finland and the Czech Republic. Quite strategically as these countries also are the big floorball nations.

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