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We take floorball one step further

Our own brand, Innebandybutiken, is quite self explainatory. At least if you know Swedish. In english it means The Floorball Shop. We do nothing but floorball all day long, year round. We are the floorball nerds that's intrested in all sorts of products and details, that makes it easier, funnier and better for everybody who plays floorball. Or are engaged in floorball in some other way, like trainers and coaches, club board members or even referees.

Under our own name we manufactures and sells a wide range of producs that we know works good for floorball players, floorball teams and floorball clubs.

So the brand Innebandybutiken includes for example our own sovereign floorball grip, Pro Grip. Actually the best grip in the world if you ask us. You'll also find our shooter tutor or ball buster, were the holes appear were you actually find the scooring possiblities on a real goalie. And much, much more. New fun and useful floorball gear is added all the time.

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