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Exel is one of the really classic floorball brands. Finnish Exel har been around quite a while and has inspired many floorball players.

Exel floorball

A truly classic floorball brand from Finland which been around for long. Exel has a history of cunning entrepreneurs that saw opportunities to transfer production technology for the manufacture of ski poles and masts for sailboats, to floorball shafts.

The name Exel derived from the company's origin. Exel was founded in 1960 by three chemists that began to manufacture electronic detonators for explosives! The company's name was Explosive Electronics, Exel. In 1970 they also started producing sports equipment. Perhaps an odd combination, but fortunately they didn't care!

Exel's path in sporting gear began with ski poles for Nordic skiing in the early 70s. And manufacturing of ski poles and floorball shafts are not as far apart as you might think. Therefore, Exel began in 1992 producing floorball shafts, golf club shafts and downhill skiing poles.

In the mid-90s Exel also began manufacture of ice hockey sticks and bats for baseball.

In 2010 E-Sports Group bought the brands Exel, Canadien, Precision, Prostick and Christian. E-Sports Group manufactures and sells equipment for hockey, poles for cross country skiing, downhill skiing, hiking and walking.

Several other Finnish floorball brands are started by former employees from Exel. Exel is the Finnish floorball equipments first mother!
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