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Canadien innebandy

Canadien is a Swedish floorball brand started 1991 in Piteå in northern Sweden.

Canadien performance

Canadien is the floorball brand that focuses on performance in the equipment. The best choice for every floorball player is their objective.  Canadiens goal is to deliver really good floorball sticks and blades for those who prioritize performance and results.

Canadien is originally a Swedish floorball brand from Piteå in the north of Sweden. After a few years in the Swedish floorball world the brand was sold to the Finnish floorball brand Exel. Exel ran the brand further but decided eventually to cease production and put the brand Canadien in the closet.

The founders of Canadien is now back with a new brand - Oxdog.

And because of Exel decision not to produce any more Canadien floorball gear, we can't support you floorball players out there either. We can't buy any new Canadien Floorball stuff ourselves no more. Sorry!