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Blindsave innebandymålvaktsmärket

Blindsave is a floorball brand which only manufactures floorball equipment for the floorball goalies.

Blindsave is an floorball brand from Latvia that only makes floorball goalie equipment. The founder of Blindsave is Andis Blind, floorball goalkeeper in the Latvian floorball national team. Andis has also played in SSL (Svenska SuperLigan) in Mullsjö AIS.

Since Blindsave is founded by a floorball goalie, the company and brands knowledge about how floorball goalies wants their gear is huge. Blindsave has also devoted a lot of time and effort to evaluating and testing all the equipment they produce to make it as functional as possible.

Blindsave says themselves that their floorball goalkeeper products differ from other brands by focusing on safety, comfort and confidence.