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Asics has developed shoes and apparel for sports for over 60 years. Asics focus is quality and technology of the products. So it has been since 1949 when the company was founded in Japan.

Asics - constant evolution

ASICS was founded in Kobe in Japan in 1949 and was originally named Onitsuka Co. Ltd. The first product was the basketball shoes with soles inspired by squid's suckers.

In the 60s the design of the crossing stripes showed up on shoes from Asics for the first time. They have been around ever since.

In 1977 Onitsuka Co. Ltd. merged with another company which also produced sports products and sportswear. The name changed to what we recognize today, ASICS. Asics is an abbreviation of the Latin the expression Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. That means in A healthy mind in a healthy body and reflects Asics philosophy that sport is the best way to get a healthy life style that makes you happy in the longrun.

During the 70s Asics begins making shoe models specifically tailored to female athletes. This is also something that Asics has continued to develop. Women and men have a lot of anatomical differences which need shoes to be adapted to the two sexes. Women have, for example, a completely different angle on her legs from the hip and down compared to men. 
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