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Innebandybutiken Guide - All you need to know about floorball sticks

    Things to consider when it comes to floorball sticks

    When you choose your floorball stick there are a few things that is good to consider. Besides basic stuff like the right length, flex, brand, color, and that it should be stylish, of course. Consider this:

    Approved or not approved?
    If you plan on playing organized floorball in a league by a Floorball Federation (in Sweden Svenska Innebandyförbundet) you got to have a stick that is approved by the IFF (International Floorball Federation).

    On the stick there should be an approval mark with the license number. If the mark is a sticker so you should not peel it off. It is embodied in the paint, do not paint over it or cover it with something. Playing with not approved equipment equals a match penalty. Quite unnecessary!

    This is what i floorball approval mark looks like

    Important for the stick to be approved is that the blade and shaft are of the same brand. If you buy a new stick in a store, thats no problem. But you may have to replace the blade at some point, or customize your stick to suit your preference. Remember to have the same brand in the shaft and blade. Mix different brands and you risk match penalty. Although the two brands are manufactured by the same company, there are no brands that are approved for crossing.

    How does a floorball stick get approved?
    All floorball sticks to be used in matches organized by a federation, go through an approval process. It is the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, SP, which tests and approves all floorball equipment on behalf of the IFF. Even brands that are not originally from Sweden are tested and approved by the SP.

    What SP does is to check lots of different stuff, for example, the strength and flexibility of the shaft. You can read more in the section Rules. SP controls the floorball sticks they received from the manufacturer for the check-up. When a stick is approved, according to the regulations and tests, it is up to the manufacturer to take samples and conduct checks themselves in each batch. When tests are conducted there will be a written protocol that SP can verify when they do an inspection. SP also buys floorball sticks in random stores to make sure they match the sticks they have approved. And believe us, it's true! They have shopped products for testing in our stores!

    Handle your stick the right way!
    To make sure that your stick stays in a good condition for as long as possible, it's good to think about how you handle it.

    Keeping your stick in the boot of a car in the cold winter is like asking for trouble. The cold makes both handle and blade brittle at the risk of breakage. Keep the floorball stick warm and cozy indoors. Let it thaw before you use it, if it has been out in the winter or been in a car on the way to training.

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