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Right Length

Innebandybutiken Guide - Right length for your floorball stick

How to find the right length on your floorball stick

When you play floorball, it is important that you have the correct shaft length of your floorball stick. The correct length of the stick will improve your technique when to dribble, pass and shoot at the floorball field.

When talking about the stick length it is usually the shaft length we refer to. It comes from the childhood of floorball. Now we're often mean the sticks total length including floorball blade. The total length of a floorball stick can vary depending on the floorball blade mounted on the shaft. This is because different floorball blades have varying forms of the blade itself and various attachments in the blade neck.

Length table floorball sticks

Do you want to measure to your specific length a bit more carefully?

To measure the correct length on your floorball stick follow these steps:

  1. Hold your stick with both hands as you do when you play.

  2. Then release the bottom hand but hold the stick still with the upper hand.

  3. Hold the arm with the stick, straight along the side of the body so that the blade is on the floor with the tip pointing forward. What you should look at now is how the blade rests on the floor. You want the blade to be as straight as possible to the floor to maximize the playable area.

  • When the stick is too long, the blade will be resting on the heel and the tip pointing up in the air.

  • When the stick is too short, the blade will be resting on the blade tip.

This is a good rule of thumb to go on when you measure the length of the floorball stick. You can also find help in our table for floorball stick length.

Your style of play is also important for the choice of stick length. If your play very upright, you may need a little longer floorball stick. And if you cower when you play, you may have a slightly shorter stick.

Pros and Cons
There are some basic pros and cons of to long and to short sticks.

  • To long floorball stick
    Pro: you can play more upright which is more gentle to your back, gives you longer range to access the ball.
    Con: Makes it harder to dribble and shot, the ball gets farther from the body making it easier for the opponent to take it away from you
  • To short floorball stick
    Pro: easier to dribble and control the ball, more difficult for the opponent to access the ball and you are stronger in the close encounters when you have the stick close to the body.
    Con: increased load on the back, shorter range when to reach the ball.