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Innebandybutiken Guide - Mount the new grip

Wrap a new grip on your floorball stick

No matter how much or how little you use your floorball stick, finally original grip wraped on your stick will be worn out and need replacing. It is not particularly difficult, and with a little practice you can easily do it yourself.

It is important to keep in mind when gripped, is constantly stretch the grip . Do not pull the whole protective paper back of the adhesive strip at once pull away slightly as you wrap on. If you pull it  all away at once can be damn sure that it will stick to your legs, or bed, the dog, refrigerator, towel ...

This is how you do it:

1.   Pull off the old grip . Do this by loosening the sealing tape and pull it off. Then  find the end of the grip and pull it off.  Do you have one-piece grip with seam at the back you will need something to rip the seam with.
2.   Pick the new grip from its packaging and pull off some of the protective paper. Start with the tapered cut end unless both ends are oblique.
3.   Start wrapping from upper part of the the shaft. Start a little below the top edge and wrap up the first lap. It allows you to lock the end during the grip and not risk the grip starts to unwind the wrong way.
4.   Overlap few millimeters. Usually, floorball grips has a edge that is thinner. Overlap those thinner edges over each other. Remember to stretch the grip when you wrap it. Stretching makes the grip stay in place better and you will feel the joints less.
5.   Wrap as long as you want your shaft to be gripped. Remember that you should not grip below the face-off line . Cut off the excess with scissors. Cut diagonally to get a good, straight finish. Seal the end with the small tape that comes with the grip.
6.   Finished!

Watch a instruction video on how to do it.

How often should you re-grip a stick?
How do you know when the grip is worn, except when it is quite obvious when you look at. Well, it's up to you to decide.

An grip wears course of actual use, and your hands rubbing against the material. But it also wear by the dirt on your hands (and yes, you're dirty! Try a white grip an you'll see.). Besides that the salts in your sweat wears on the material. Though perhaps on most on the grip wraps surface. And of course it has the task to give you the grip you need.

The grips quality also determines when it is time to wrap on a new one. And the price and quality are partly hand in hand. Cheap grips can be great but often wears faster. Just like an expensive grip may be bad but last. Dare to try different grips!

When you find it necessary, then it's time to do a re-wrap on your floorball stick. For some that's at every game and for other every 10 years. But maybe a couple of times per season fits most floorball players.