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Oval kit

Innebandybutiken Guide - Oval kit to mod your grip

Make the sticks grip nicer with the oval kit.

In Sweden, it is absolutely common to play with floorball sticks with a round grip. There are also other sticks grip profiles, you can read more here.

The second most common sticks grip profile is oval grip. Unfortunately very few sticks with oval grip are manufactured. But relax, there is a simple and cheap solution called oval kit.

Oval kit
is a strip of thin synthetic foam with adhesive on the back. The strip has chamfered edges to provide a good closure.

And how
do you use it then? Well with oval kit you can build a round shaft into an oval. You simply wrapped of the grip of the stick and paste there oval kit on the shaft. Then grip on again. Ready!

As you do this yourself, you can of course build your own variations on oval grip. You might just want it that oval feeling underneath the shaft. Then just ignore to paste the kit at the upper of the shaft.

You can also add just a little bit of the kit at the upper part of the shaft to let the rest of the shaft to be round. Because oval kit is made of soft foam, you easily cut it just like you want with a sharp pair of scissors.

Only the imagination limits how you can modify your own stick grip.

- maybe you don't like the shape of an oval kits you can buy? Make your own by using straws, lollipop sticks, flower sticks or anything else that fit your needs.