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Left / Right?


Innebandybutiken Guide - Left or right?

How do you know if you play Left or Right?

Which way you play in floorball has its starting point in what feels most natural when holding a floorball stick.

The Left or Right will of which hand you hold at the bottom of the shaft against the floorball blade.

Left or right in in floorball

Are you right-handed, it is common to play Left and you are left-handed, Right common. But of course there are exceptions to every rule!

If you don't know, just grab a floorball stick or something that can play the part of a floorball stick. Imagine passing a floorball ball away. Which way feels most natural? That's the way you most likely plays.

And will it still turn out, that you have a stick that is in the wrong direction so there is no harm done. You can of course change the blade to one that is the right direction and suddenly becomes the floorball stick right for you. It also works for the sticks who have curved shafts. You simply rotate the shaft 180 degrees to get the curve in the right direction. What happens is that the design of the shaft will be upside down. But it does not affect the sticks playing characteristics. Expect to get drill new screw holes for the blade.