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Hook blades

Innebandybutiken Guide - Hook your floorball blade

DIY floorball blade hooking

Nowadays the idea is that you shouldn't need to hook your blade, it's ready to use when you buy it. But sometimes you still want to do a modification to adapt the blade to your style of play better. Hooking can also be the solution if you and your new blade don't get along. Think about how you believe the blade needs to be reshaped. Then it's just to get started.

Do like this: 

1   Boil water to heat the blade with. Don't use a heat gun. It's easy to heat to much with a head gun and melt the plastic in the blade.
2   Heat the blade by pouring hot water over the blade. Make sure you heat even the parts of the blade you don't intend to hook. You can also put the blade in hot water in a tub. Watch your hands so you do not burn yourself!
3   Shape the blade as you want it.
4   Hold the hook you formed with your hands. Flush cold water over the blade.
5   Ready!

If you'r not happy with the result, just repeat the procedure from paragraph 1.

Good to consider:
- Dont' hook to much, there are rules for the maximun cavity you can have. Read more here: Rules for floorball blades.
- Don't hook the blade tip on ready-made zorro blades. The risk is that the blade looses it's zorro ball pit in the tip.
- Warn the whole blade even when you only should hook the tip or the heel. If you don't that you will get a hot and a cold zone in the blade. And when you reshape your blade there's a risk that the plastic it stretched in a bad way and later will break. 
- Keep your paws away from the heat gun! Heat guns are not made for shaping plastic and get to hot. It's also really hard to heat the whole blade even. The risk of really hot zones were the plastics melts and cold zones. If the plastic gets to hot it will brittle and break.