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Hard or rigid?

Innebandybutiken Guide - Hard or rigid?

Is it a hard or a rigid floorball blade you want?

Floorball blade are made of some kind of plastic, and there's usually a description of the hardess of the plastic that the blade is made of. Different manufacturers have different imaginative names for their hardnesses. We at Innebandybutiken usually categorize the hardness ourselfs to make it easier for you to compare the hardness of the plastic in different brands.

Innebandybutiken table of floorball blade hardness

Most sticks sold have a blade that is medium or medium + from start. The exception may be the sticks for small children where it can be a blade of hardness soft mounted.

Many floorball players have a penchant for hard blades because rumor has it that with a hard blade you shoot harder. And that's basically true. But maybe not the whole truth. Some who obtained a hard blade will be disappointed. They thought that the blade is not hard at all even though it is designated by H or Hard. This is due to the very many people think of when they talk about the hard blade are really rigid blade.

What is hardness?
The hardness of a floorball blade is determined by the plastic blade is made of. Floorball blades are made of thermoplastic, which means that the plastic softens when heated. Essentially, three types of plastic are used for floorball blades. It is PE, Polyethylene, PP, Polypropen and PA, Polyamide. Different plastics have different properties and hardness in a floorball blade is how the blade reacts when it hits the ball.

Hardness is therefore say more about the feeling you get in a floorball blade, how your ball handling and passing ability will be.

A blade of hard plastic kicks off the ball harder, but also makes it more difficult to receive passes. Blade of softer plastic does not give the same opportunity to kick hard but kill the momentum of the ball better when to receive passes.

What is rigid?
The very many floorball players really mean when they are looking for a hard blade is a rigid blade. Torsional rigidity is how much the blade is moving around its own axis.

Think of how you usually feel the blade with your hand. Often grip with one hand around the blade heel and the other way around the blade tip. Then turn the blade to feel how it's stands agaist the movement you make with your hands. IT'S rigidity!
Torsional rigidity depends largely on the blade design and the small part of the plastic. How the ribs running, how many ribs it is and if it is filled "boxes" makes a blade more rigid. A rigid blade retains its original shape better when you shoot. It kicks off the ball harder than a blade that is moving more.

What is best?
What's best, hard plastic or maximized rigid blade? Or maybe soft plastic and a blade that is flexible and pliable? And the answer is that it depends on how you play.

Are you a passer, maybe a softer blade with more mobility is the thing for you. If you shoot hard slap shots perhaps you should choose a rigid blade in hard plastic. The best way to know is to test yourself.