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Innebandybutiken Guide - All you need to know about floorball grip

Floorball Grip- all you never know you wanted to know!

The grip is perhaps the floorball sticks simplest and least expensive accessory to enhance your gaming experience and give your stick a individual expression.

For floorball grips there are really no specific rules that you must consider. The only thing is that you can not grip your shaft further down than the face-off line. Besides that, you can select which grip you want and put it on your stick.

The material in floorball grips is PU or polyurethane, thus a form of plastic. But here in a form that is soft, flexible, fairly durable and resembles leather. The grip materials may also be in the form of microfiber. This allows the grip to easily absorb moisture and leads it away from the surface is kept dry.

Grips that you can purchase as a spare part to your stick is in the form of a long strip with adhesive on the back. The strip is usually a few centimeters wide and long enough be sufficient the longest shafts. There is also wider floorball grips. The advantage of them is that you get fewer joints, but they are also difficult to wrap the shaft. Some sticks have a whole onepiece grip from the start. The type of grip is not available as a spare part and remove it, you can not put it back again.

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