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Grip Types

Innebandybutiken Guide - Different kinds of floorball grips

Facts and information about different types of floorball grip

Grips is available in numerous variants and varieties and in every color you can imagine.

Diffent kinds of grip for floorball sticks

Regular    The traditional originial grip for floorball sticks. Long, narrow strip of straight or tapered end and adhesive on the back. Wound on around the shaft.
Onepiece   OnePiece is an grip which is one piece and has only one joint on the underside of the shaft. The joint may either be a sewn seam or the grip are overlapped and glued.
Top grip   Top Grip is a little bit traditional grip that is gripped at the upper part of the the shaft where you have the upper hand. The point of a top-gripping is that it's at the top hand a grip get's worn most normally. A topgrip means that you only need to replace the worn area. Often combined with a onepiece-grip.
Over grip   Over Grip is a thin grip that you wrap on top of the grip you already have at the stick. It can be a way to quickly get new grip again. You also get a little thicker grip, if that's what you like. And if you like really thin grip, use of course only an over grip as the grip on your stick. The downside to over grip is that it wears quicker than regular grip.
Wide regular   Are a regular grip, ie a strip, but is much wider. Can be as wide as twice against a standard. The point of a wider grip is that there are fewer joints when wrapped on the stick. A really big disadvantage is that it is much harder to grip on a wide grip tape and get it good and tidy.

Different types of floorball grips

Smooth    An grip without any pattern. Plain and smooth.
With seam   A common type of grip strip but having a sewn seam lengthwise. Seam makes it as a ridge that runs in a spiral around your shaft. Makes it easier to get a firm grip.
Patterned   The grip has an embossed pattern, i.e. the pattern is immersed in the grip wraps surface. Could be a great design thing only, but many times it may also be an effect à la suction cup. You get a better grip. Applies especially small pattern that covers most of The Grip.
Perforated   The grip has larger or smaller holes punched through it. A perforation looks like a pattern on the surface. The purpose of this is that moisture will be absorbed more easily and be led away from the surface of the grip. The holes also means that there is a suction effect that gives you a better grip. Your hands sort of sucks at grip as suction cups.
Hairy   The grip has a piece of terry added on a strategic position. The point of it is to be able to wipe your sweat without having to drop your stick. Stay nice a surprisingly long time.