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Innebandybutikens guide to floorball glasses

Innebandybutiken Guide - Eyewear for floorball

How to choose the right floorball eyewear

Do you have to have protective eyewear when playing floorball? 

There is no rule that says you have to wear glasses to play floorball. Many associations and teams decide that everyone must have it. You are allowed to use personal equipment while playing. Floorball glasses is counted as personal equipment.

In Sweden however, from the season 2015/2016, there's a rule that says you have to wear glasses to play floorball if you are under 16 or have a B license. This rules applies both for practice and match. For rules and regulations in other countries please contact your country floorball federation for information.

Never the less, it is a good idea to protect your eyes. Serious eye injury can not be operated as a broken leg. Floorball is the sport that represents the majority of all eye injuries sustained in sports. So be careful and protect yourself or your child.

Find the right size of your floorball eyewear.

This is how you measure:

Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head. Measure of the height where the eyeglass frame will be. Divide the measure you get with 4. Now, you have a guidance measures for the arc cross-sectional dimension. In the size table available on all eyewear, you can determine your size. You will also find measure of the length of the bow. With it you can determine where the temple behind your ears will stop roughly.

Chart on eyewear measurement

If you already have a pair of glasses today so you can check on the inside of the temples. There is usually a label as in the image above. Also makes it easier to find the right size.

Size chart floorball eyewear 

How to maintain your glasses:

  • Always keep your glasses in their protective case when not in use.
  • Wash your glasses with soap and water if they become sweaty and dirty.
  • If you have problems with fogging - lubricate the lenses with detergent. Wipe away with paper, do not rinse with water.

for those who already wear glasses

Today there are no protective goggles for floorball that you can have over your regular glasses. But ordinary glasses are now usually made of plastic and protects thus as good as a pair of floorball eyewear do.

One way to solve the problem is to buy a pair of less expensive eyewear you use on floorball practice or take a couple of old maybe. Another way is get a pair of sports spectacles from an optician. The course costs more than a standard pair of floorball eyewear without strength. Contact your eye care professional for advice.