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Floorball Blades

Innebandybutiken Guide - All you need to know about your floorball blades

Things to consider when it comes to floorball blades

When you get a new blade to your floorball stick there are a few things that might be good to consider.

Approved or not approved?
Choose a blade that is the same brand as your stick is. If you choose a blade from brand A and combining it with a shaft of mark B, your stick is not approved for match play. It must be the same brand of blade and shaft as only sticks is approved as a whole stick. It is possible to choose a different model of the blade but in the same brand, than you had from the beginning.

All new blade models manufactured must have the approval mark embossed somewhere on the blade. The rule was introduced in 2008 and all the floorball manufacturers should have ensured that it is on all the floorball blades manufactured after July 1, 2010. The approval mark of blades are three letters IFF in capital letters with a size of 5 mm.

IFF approval mark for floorball blades and balls

Moreover, there is a rule that says that your blade may not have a larger hook than 30 mm. The hook is measured by placing the blade with the forehand side down on a flat surface. Then measured from the ground to the highest point inside the blade.

How does a floorball blade get it's approval?
All floorball blade to be used in a floorball match, of a federation, organized floorball games, go through an approval process. It is the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, SP, which tests and approves all floorball equipment on behalf of the IFF. So also brands that are not Swedish.

SP makes a number of different tests and inspections of new models floorball blades. Partly they control a number of different dimensions as a blade must meet. Partly on the blade somehow rub off on the hall floor. More about the formal rules of the blade, can be read in the section The rules of floorball blades.

Manage your floorball blade right 
Since the blade are made of plastic that is primarily intended to be used indoors and have a good playing characteristics, it will also be sensitive to certain things. Cooling is a thing which is bad for your blade. Cooling makes the plastic brittle. Remember to not come directly from the cold and start playing with your blade. Let it warm up to the hall temperature. One way to get to it faster is to flush the hot water from the tap over it.

Another thing that can have a negative effect, is hooking your blad using a heat gun. Heat guns tend to be too hot which makes the plastic dry out and brittle. There's also a risk that the plastic gets so hot that it melts. Therefore, do your hooking using boiling water instead.   

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