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Innebandybutiken Guide - What is the flex on floorball sticks?

How to find a flex that suits you.

Floorball Sticks shafts are available in different hardnesses, it is called flex.

Flex indicates how hard or soft a shaft are and are usually printed on the floorball stick. The lower the number, the harder the shaft, the higher the number, the softer shaft. The hardest shaft approved has a flex of 23 mm. This means that the shaft flexes (bends) 23 mm from the straight position at the load of 30 kg (or actually 300 Nm, but that's nerd knowledge). The softest shaft has a flex 36 mm.

Flex table for floorball sticks simple

The flex help you get harder shots. It works like a bow. If you are not able to pull out the bows string, the arrow will not travel especially long or hard.

It is therefore important to find a flex that suits you, so that you can let the shaft do the job and help you with your shots. If you press firmly into the shots you should have a fairly stiff shaft. A softer shaft gives you more gameplay. It works fine if you do not have many kilos of muscles pressing against the shaft when shooting.

Most common flex for men's seniors are 25-27 mm. Women usually have a flex between 27-32 mm. Junior usually handle a flex of 29-35 best. For kids, we recommend a flex of 32-36 mm. All depending on how much weight you put on the stick in the shot and how much you are able to bend the stick.

On the other hand, if you have a style of play where you do not press the shaft in the shots, then the flex doesn't play a huge role for you.
Below is a little more detailed table of all the most common hardnesses (flex) available on floorball sticks and what we recommend to the various players. Remember that feeling in a shafts flex depends on who you are and how you use your shaft.

Innebandybutiken guide to right flex at your floorball stick