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What is floorball eyewear made of and are they safe?
All protective goggles for floorball is made of different types of plastic.

For one thing, the arches made of any kind of thermoplastic, usually cellulose acetate. It is a plastic that is perfectly suited to the particular eyeglass frames because it has a nice glossy finish itself. Cellulose acetate may not so easily cracked.

Firstly the lenses are made of polycarbonate, a thermoplastic material that is very durable and of course translucent. Polycarbonate is used in addition to the spectacle lenses, also visors on helmets, CDs / DVDs, headlights, aircraft windows and a lot of other stuff that has to withstand a lot. The disadvantage polycarbonate is that it forms cracks when exposed to constantly load or solvent. But now florrball eyewear aren't very often exposed to that load in the form of pressure. And if you are gently cleaning with mild agents you should probably not get any problem with cracks.

To ensure that floorball eyewear can withstand what can happen on the floorball field they are tested by SP Technical Research Institute. The method used is called SP Method 4060 and eyewear that are approved by the test method should be marked with a label on the inside of the arch

SP carries a whole lot of tests on floorball glasses. They test the fit of a real person in the size of the eyewear are for, a senior at senior glasses. SP checks if there are sharp edges or other things that can cause damage. Obviously check that the glasses have the size they should be, so that the visual field is as large as possible. They drops the glasses to the floor from 1.3 m to verify strength. And they shoot a ball on the glasses from several different angles, at a speed of 130 km / h. (Speed shooting record for floorball is 191.44 km / hr). After all this abuse checked if there has been any cracks or other damage on the glasses. The lenses are controlled so that they do not become scratched.