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Cut your shaft

Innebandybutiken Guide - Cut the shaft of your floorball stick

How to DIY cutting a floorball shaft.

Sometimes it may be necessary to saw off a floorball shaft a little bit.

What you should consider when you cut a shaft is that the flex in the shaft will most likely be affected. The more you cut away the larger the shift of the flex.

What happens is that the shorter the shaft becomes, the harder it will be to get it to bend, or in other words flex.

Nuf said, here's how to do it:

1. Remove the grip from the stick. Is it a new, fresh one, do it carefully so you can reuse it.
2. Remove the knob. It can be attached with small pin, like staples. Poke them with a small screwdriver. It may also be easier to remove the knob if you heat it with boiling water so the plastic becomes soft.
3. Measure how long you want your shaft. Mark on the shaft where to cut.
4. Cut off the shaft with a fine-toothed saw or hacksaw. Watch your fingers, small splinters of carbon fiber can easily get a splinter in your finger. Not nice!
5. Put the knob back on the shaft. A few turns of electrical tape at the top of the shaft makes it to sit better. You can also glue it with hot melt adhesive if you have a glue gun. Use glue instead of the staples you poked away.
6. Put the grip on.
7. You're done!


As with so much in life, it is more work than really difficult!

Important to remember is to cut up at the knob, never down at the blade. A shaft must have a distance of 35.5 and 39.5 cm between the lower edge of the blade and the face-off line. In addition, the shaft guide tracks which should fit the corresponding heels of the blade. They are for the blade to sit stably on the shaft.