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Change blade

Innebandybutiken Guide - New blade on your floorball stick

DIY guide to change blade on your floorball stick

Floorball blades are consumable wear. The wear will be both by plastic blisters on the underside but also the plastic to lose stability and strength for frequent use. The blades can also be broken, for example if someone accidentally stepping on it.

Blade are therefore sold as a spare. It is supremely good too if you bought a stick and then do not like the originally blade. Simply switching to a different model from the same floorball brand and your stick is like new again.

When replacing the blade, follow these simple steps:

1   Remove the screws. Both of the new blade and the one on your stick now.
2   Heat the blade neck with boiling water. Heat both on the blade at the stick and the spare blade to be mounted. The heat causes the plastic to become soft and it is easier to remove and replace the blades. Some brands glue their blades. The heat causes the adhesive to become soft and the blade can be more easily removed.
3   Pull away the blade attached to the stick. Important to pull the blade straight up. The blade has lugs which fits in the shaft guide grooves. If you twist and turn the stick, there's a risk that the guide tracks break. Then there will be a risk that the new blade won't stay put.
4   Install the new blade. Make sure the shaft reaches the bottom in the blade and that the guide lugs go in the guide rails.
5   Tighten the screws. Have you changed the blade model, you might have to make new screw holes in the shaft.
6   Done!