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Zone Zuper hard white in the group Blade / Zone at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-32007-R)
Zone Zuper hard white
Zone Zuper hard white
Zone Zuper hard white
Zone Zuper hard white
Zone Zuper hard white
Zone Zuper hard white
Zone Zuper hard white
Zone Zuper hard white
Zone Zuper hard white

Zone Zuper hard white

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Zone Zuper floorball blade
The floorball blade of ball control and passing beauty.

Zone Zuper a floorball blade in which Zone combined qualities of its blades Hyper and Supreme. Hyper the shoting blade and technical blade Supreme gets along and becomes the ball control blade Zuper.

Zone Zuper has a smooth ball groove from the heel to the blade tip. You recognize the rib pattern from the Supreme. Zuper However, has a bit deeper cavity to give you more help with ball control from the blade. The cavity is steady along the entire blade, from the heel to the tip.

In the heel and around the tip of theres ripples. Ripples is a way to provide less friction against the surface. You get a faster sweap simply. Most of the lower rim is completely smooth.

Zone Zuper is pre-hooked with a blade tip that turns inward around shortly after the middle of the blade. The tip is slightly bent back in the edge to create an open space for the ball.

The heel of Zone Zuper floorball blade is reinforced like Hyper is. A strong heel gives a rigid blade. This in turn affects the shots properties of the blade in a good way. Here Zone borrowed from the shot blade Hyper.

Another effect with a reinforced heel is that the balance of the blade is affected. The tip just feels lighter when the heel is heavier. And balance is important for the playing experience in your floorball stick.

Blade:Zone Zuper
Blade Neck inner diameter:18,5 mm
Cavity:8 mm
IFF Approved:Approved
Materials:PE plastic
No. of screws:2
Screw mounting:Tip and heel
Screw type:Torx
Weight:78 gram
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