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Zone Overgrip Monster grey

Zone Overgrip Monster grey

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Zone Monster Overgrip
Super thin and sticky floorball grip.

Zone Monster Overgrip is the thinnest cousin in the Monster family. And because it's so thin it also becomes extremely light.

Monster Overgrip is a special grip that you can use in several ways.

If you like extra thick grip on your stick, put Monster Overgrip on top of the grip that's already there. If you like extra thin grip, just use Monster Overgrip and no more.

Actually, the idea is that an over grip should be used to renovate a worn out grip. You put the overgrip on the other and get a new wear surface with a good grip.

Zone Monster Overgrip has a embossed pattern and looks like the Zone Monster and the Zone Monster Air grips. The pattern is in the form of dots and Zones logo.

Zone Monster overgrip differs from the others because it has no foam foil on the back. This makes the grip very thin and light but also gives a little harder feeling in the hand.

On the back is a adhesive strip for easier application on your stick. On the front is a protective plastic. Tape to secure the end is included.

Color: Grey
Grip kind: Imprinted pattern
Grip type: Overgrip
Length: 201 cm
Materials: Synthetic
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Weight: 16 gram
Width: 28 mm