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Zone Oval Kit for floorball sticks
Zone Oval Kit
Zone Oval Kit
Zone Oval Kit for floorball sticks
Zone Oval Kit
Zone Oval Kit

Zone Oval Kit

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Unihoc Oval Kit for floorball sticks
Make the grip on your favorite floorball stick even better! With Oval Kit you fixes an oval or semi-oval grip on any floorball stick.

Oval kit consists of two self-adhesive strips of slightly springy EVA foam. Each strip is 50 cm long and can be easily cut with scissors.

The idea of an oval kit is that you under the grip on your floorball stick with a round grip, paste a strip on the top and bottom. It makes the sticks grip oval when you has re-gripped it. However, using a oval kit makes the grip overall thicker.

But you also get the ability to customize the grip of  any stick in any way you want it. Add a strip only on the back and get a semi-oval grip. Or maybe shorter pieces only for the upper hand to get better control of the sticks in your hand.

When you add on an oval kit, first remove the grip on your floorball stick. Take the opportunity to do the change when you change the grip anyway. Or, remove the existing grip carefully so you can reuse it.
Paste the oval kit the way you want it. Re-grip the grip on again. Done!

Color: Black
Grip type: Oval Kit
Length: 50 cm
Materials: Synthetic
Thickness: 2,5 mm
Weight: 10 gram/piece
Width: 20 mm