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Zone Hyper Hard White
Zone Hyper Hard White
Zone Hyper Hard White
Zone Hyper Hard White
Zone Hyper Hard White
Zone Hyper Hard White
Zone Hyper Hard White
Zone Hyper Hard White
Zone Hyper Hard White

Zone Hyper Hard White

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Zone Hyper Floorball blade
Allround blade from Zone that works in most situations.

Zone Hyper is a floorball blade where Zone used all their skills to create a really good blade that works most of the time.

Hyper has a large cavity with a clear underhook that helps you scoop up the ball and gain some height on your shots. Hyper is also pre-hooked and has a slight bend from about the middle of the blade to the tip of the blade that is nicely bent inwards. But in no way so this will be a zorro blade.

Both the blade tip and heel have a short pattern of grooves under the blades lower rim. Rills make less friction against the floor when using these parts on the blade in your game. The lower blade rim, however, is completely smooth on the surface that you most use against the floor.

With Hyper, Zone has been working with stiffness. The blade neck continues down into the blade as a wide wedge towards the lower blade rim. This makes the heel really stable and can use the energy from your shoot and send it forward to the ball. On the backside side, the blade rim is easily stretched as a reinforcement at the lower edge, the top of the blade tip and at the top of the blade neck. Such thin reinforcements make Hyper more torsional stiff, without adding too much weight.

Zone Hyper promises a lot for those who like to shoot, perhaps above all, drag shots.
Blade:Zone Hyper
Blade Neck inner diameter:18,5 mm
Cavity:10 mm
IFF Approved:Approved
Left/Right:Left, Right
Materials:PE plastic
No. of screws:2
Screw mounting:Tip and heel
Screw type:Torx
Weight:79 gram
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