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Zone Grip Monster Air grey

Zone Grip Monster Air grey

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Zone Monster Air Floorball Grip
A lighter Monster for your floorball stick.

Zone Monster Air grip wrap is the slightly thinner and lighter cousin in Zone's family of Monster floorball grips.

Monster Air focuses on good grip and minimal weight. Otherwise it's most other grips.

Zone Monster Air has a distinctive pattern that looks like perforation (but it is not) and a pattern in the form of Zones logo and text, Monster Air.

Both ends on Monster Air are tapered for easier and nicer start and finish. Black sealing tape is included in the packaging.

On the back of Zone Monster Air stable, thin and light "padding". It consists of a high density foam film which makes it quite homogeneous. The foil is designed to give you a nicer feeling and act as shock absorption.

The front of Monster Air is covered with a protective tape to protect the sticky surface for as long as possible. Do not forget to pull it off before gripping your stick. Otherwise there is a risk that you will destroy your nice joints when it's going to be removed.

Grip kind:Imprinted pattern
Grip type:Regular
Length:202 cm
Thickness:1,8 mm
Weight:24 gram
Width:28 mm