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Zone Greed Medium+ White in the group Blade / Zone at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-31896R)
Zone Greed Medium+ White

Zone Greed Medium+ White

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Zone Greed Floorball Blade
The first step to becoming a winner on the floorball field is to admit to yourself that you want to win! Then you get great!

Zones Greed is a development of the Envy Maxx blade and is based on the same principles. Greed is a bit smoother and a bit slimmer than its bigger cousin Envy Maxx.

Zone Greed has a rounded blade tip that is already hooked. In the lower edge, the tip of the blade bends while it is almost straight on the top. The blade itself is slightly excerpt and you have a small ball pit in the tip. The possibility of hooking the tip even further is great.

Cavity on Greed is quite flat and the blade is slightly underhooked. The greed-blade is pre-hooked, giving a rounded back-hand side. You also see a small bump at the top of the backhand. It's the discreet ball pit that curve out a bit.

The Zone Greed ball groove is even all the way from the heel to the blade tip. Because the cavity is quite flat and light assymetrically placed down to the floor side, you have a blade with both good shots and passing properties.

Greed is, just like the Envy Maxx, quite torsional stiff to the middle of the blade roughly. The tip is more mobile and followable.

Zone logo in relief on the forehand side of the blade neck.

Blade:Zone Greed
Blade Neck inner diameter:18 mm
Cavity:7 mm
IFF Approved:Approved
Left/Right:Left, Right
Materials:PE plastic
No. of screws:2
Screw mounting:Forehand and backhand
Screw type:Torx
Weight:82 gram
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