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Zone goalie pants Monster white/black SR in the group Goalie / Pants at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-42261-R)
Zone goalie pants Monster white/black SR

Zone goalie pants Monster white/black SR

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Zone floorball goalie pants Monster white/black SR
Perhaps the neatest goalie pants in a long time from Zone floorball.

Monster Zone floorball goalie pants is a really good goalie pants with exciting details.

Zone Monsters is made of thick, strongly woven cloth in a mixture of polyester and cotton. Synthetic give a lighter fabric and cotton feels nice against your skin.

Monster has legs that are padded all the way. The padding runs from the groin upwards in an bow over the hip. The padding is just right thick and has a covering of soft fleecy fabric on the side that is against your skin.

Zone has also tested a new approach to Monsters goalie pants. Instead of removable hip protectors inside, the trousers are reinforced with a surface extra padding, the gray box you see on the trouser hip.

The knee is reinforced with nylon of Cordura type. The knee part has an added folds and short seams on the side. It allows the knee becomes pre-bent and you can more easily get to a cool kneeling without pants not co-operation with you.

At the bottom of the leg is a wear reinforcement of strong nylon, in gray. Doubles as a really nice detail on the pants.

On the back of the legs are at the bottom of a short, heavy-duty zipper. Over the zipper is a strap that closes with a push button. The strap serves to hold together the fabric of not around the seams, and the zipper teeth, the load unnecessarily.

When the knee is the thick fabric replaced with thin mesh. It provides good ventilation and less on fabric sausages in your knees.

The middle portion between the legs of the pants is the replacement of heavy ribbed synthetic fabric. It allows you to have full freedom of movement to go the splits (which of course all floorball goalies fix, right).

The waist has Zone Monsters a padded waistband. The waistband is lined with soft fabric on the inside. The trousers are opened and closed with two kardborrestroppar.

Zone Monsters also have a belt of nylon straps with plastic buckle.

Color: White
Fit: Regular
Materials: 45% Polyester, 55% Cotton
Season: 2018/2019
Sizes: S, XL, XS
Suitable for: Senior
Washing: 40 degrees, do not use fabric softener, do not tumble dry
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