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Zone floorball grip Monster2 white in the group Grip / Premium at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-33989)
Zone floorball grip Monster2 white

Zone floorball grip Monster2 white

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Zone Monster2 Floorball Grip
Named Monster2 but looks pretty nice.

Zone grip Monster2 may have a nasty name but it looks pretty harmless.

Monster2 grip wrap is a ordinarie grip that you wrap on. It has a smooth surface with light tackiness. It becomes more tacky when it becomes moist.

To reinforce the good grip, Monster2 has a pattern of dots that create a sucking effect. In addition, Zone's logo and the name of the gripp are in relief.

On the back of Zone Monster2 grip is a microfiber felt for shock absorption, moisture absorbtion and more comfortable grip.

Both ends on Monster2 is tapered and it comes with a black seal tape in the package.

Color: White
Grip kind: Imprinted pattern
Grip type: Regular
Length: 202 cm
Materials: Synthetic
Thickness: 2,0 mm
Weight: 37 gram
Width: 28 mm