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Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut
Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut
Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut
Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut
Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut
Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut
Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut
Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut

Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut

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Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut floorball shoes
Lightweight floorball shoes with nice feel.

Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut is floorball shoes for those who like that light-footed feeling and contact with the surface in the step.

Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut is made for a really light feeling. The entire shoe is made of lightweight materials to give you quick feet on the floorball court

The upper of the U4 Plus LowCut is made of mainly mesh. To strengthen and create some stability, the mesh is reinforced with a thin layer of flexible plastic at the front over the toe. The plastic shell also acts as a wear surface at front of the toe.

On the sides of U4 Plus there's an extra layer with a steady, but still light and airy, textile fabric. The fabric are reinforced with a thin synthetic leather along the holes for the shoelaces.

Do you need a shoe that supports and keeps in, choose something else. Unihoc U4 Plus LowCut is for those who like flexible movement of the feet and easy feeling.

The heel is stable materials but still gives a light feeling. Lightly padded around the edge of the heel.

The tongue is thin and smooth with a thin padding for comfort. Slightly curved to fit around your foot.

The outsole is Unihocs SUP traction rubber that provides an excellent grip. The sole itself is very flat with a shallow grid. It gives you a lovely ground contact. To give you support in the arch, there's a reinforced control bridge.

The insole has its own built-in cushioning with padding in two densities. Provides nice comfort and feel. The sole can be removed if you want to replace it with your own custom made soles.

Color: Black
Season: 2020/2021
Suitable for: Men
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