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Unihoc U3 Elite
Unihoc U3 Elite
Unihoc U3 Elite
Unihoc U3 Elite
Unihoc U3 Elite
Unihoc U3 Elite
Unihoc U3 Elite
Unihoc U3 Elite

Unihoc U3 Elite

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Unihoc U3 Elite floorball shoes
Lightweight and stabile floorball shoe.

Unihoc U3 Elite is Unihoc's third generation of indoor shoes for floorball and is based on new production technology to get really good shoes.

The entire upper of the U3 Elite is made of microfiber mesh. It makes shoe both light and airy. Unihoc has used hotmelt technology to strengthen and create wear and tear. This means that on the mesh a layer of thin plastic is printed directly on the mesh.

In addition to printing, there are added reinforcements across the toe, sides and heel. They provide additional wear resistance to just those places where a floorball shoe are exposed to the most wearing. The reinforcements on the sides have the task of keeping your foot in place, together with the laces.

The outer sole is of Unihoc SupTraction, which is the name of both the outer rubber and the entire mid-sole. SupTraction is a technique to give you good grip and good attenuation while at the same time getting support in all the fast-paced turnouts.

The mid-sole is made up of wave-shaped columns that absorb shocks and provide damping. The intermediate part between the forefoot and heel is a stabilizing bridge.

The heel has a nice pad, the cut is a little higher over the achilles tension and is reinforced to fit well.

The inner sole is anatomically shaped and of lightweight material. Of course, the inner sole can be replaced with your own sole if you wish. It is, however, quite subdued.

The tongue is of mesh and quite thin with light damping.

Weight:323 gram, size 41,5
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