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Unihoc Sock Control black in the group Clothes / Socks at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-14520-R)
Unihoc Sock Control black
Unihoc Sock Control black
Unihoc Sock Control black
Unihoc Sock Control black
Unihoc Sock Control black

Unihoc Sock Control black

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Unihoc Match socks Control
Training and team sock Unihoc Control

Unihoc Control floorball socks with smart knitting for nice wear.

Control is a bit thinner stocking, which is good for indoor sports like floorball. The shaft is narrow rib stitched except at the top when the rib is a little wider and has reinforcement of elastic. On the shaft there are two wide stripes in different color and between them Unihocs badge.

The foot on Unihoc Control has several function stitches. Around the ankle there is a stretchy ribbing to hold the sock in place. The same type of knitting also runs around the foot at the arch. Make sure the foot on the socks stays in place.

The heel has a slightly thicker knitting for comfortable fit. Even the front of the foot has this thicker knitting at the underneat of the foot. Instead, the upper side has a thinner knit for ventilation and less folding.

At the heel there is also a thinner knitting with small holes. This knitting makes the fabric that meats your shoe more smooth and lessens the risk of chafing.

Unihocs logo stitched on the toe and the size of the sock underneath.

Color: Black
Fit: Regular
Materials: 85% Nylon, 3% Rubber, 2% Elastan, 10% Polyester
Washing: Wash 40 degrees, tumble dry
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