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Unihoc Over Grip+ black really thin floorball grip
Unihoc Overgrip+ Black
Unihoc Overgrip+ Black
Unihoc Over Grip+ black really thin floorball grip
Unihoc Overgrip+ Black

Unihoc Overgrip+ Black

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Unihoc Overgrip+ grip black
Thin and sticky floorball grip

Unihoc Overgrip+ is a little special grip wrap for floorball sticks. An over grip can be used in several different ways.

Unihoc Overgrip is extra thin and sticky. It comes out with a protective cover on the grip side to protect the sticky surface while you put your new grip on place on your floorball stick. Keep in mind, however, to pull it away in advance. When the grip is in place it is difficult to remove it without destroying your nice wrap-around.

On the whole back of Unihoc Overgrip is a adhesive tape. There is no shock absorption at all. The grip wrap consists of the wear surface on the front and then adhesive on the back. It also makes it extremely thin, 0.5 mm only.

An over grip can be used to improve the grip on your worn out floorball stick grip. You put on a over grip to sort of reconditioning. You then put the overgrip on top of your existing grip. This technique can also be used if you want a little thicker grip on your stick.

If you want an extremely thin grip instead, use only a Unihoc Overgrip.

What is to be considered is that an over grip wears faster than a normal grip.

On Unihoc Overgrip +, Unihoc's logo is embossed in relief in five places. The grip is tapered cut at both ends and sealing tape is included.

Color: Black
Grip kind: Plain
Grip type: Overgrip
Length: 210 cm
Materials: Synthetic
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Weight: 19 gram
Width: 28 mm