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Unihoc Top Grip yellow floorball grip
Unihoc Grip Top grip yellow

Unihoc Grip Top grip yellow

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Unihoc Grepplinda Top grip yellow
Best Unihoc Grip Ever?

Unihoc Top Grip floorball grip wrap is not, as the name sounds, that little bit of grip on top of a stick with an onepiecegrip. Well, Unihoc probably mean it's kind of the best grip wrap they made.

Top Grip is a traditional grip wrap with tapered beginning and end. The edges are beveled even if it is not visible from the front. Seal tape in black is included in the package.

On the back there's a thin microfiber felt for shock absorption and nice feel. Of course also a adhesive tape for good attachment to the shaft.

The front is smooth except for parties that have a zigzag pattern in relief. Unihoc's logo, also in relief, as a decoration in four places.

When you first touch the Unihoc Top Grip with your hand, it does not feel so impressive. But it's one of those grips that get better when it's moist.

Color: Yellow
Grip kind: Imprinted pattern
Grip type: Regular
Length: 199 cm
Materials: Synthetic
Thickness: 2,0 mm
Weight: 37 gram
Width: 28 mm