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Unihoc Hydro Grip white floorball grip
Unihoc Grip Hydro grip white

Unihoc Grip Hydro grip white

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Unihoc Hydro grip white
Perforated grip for a nicer feel

Unihoc Hydro Grip is a high-end grip wrap with generous perforation.

The perforation is over the entire surface and consists of four parallel rows with rather large holes. The meaning of a perforation is two. Partially, moisture disappears from your hands (read: perspiration!) down the holes and the grip stays drier = better grip. In addition, holes gives the grip a slight suction effect where your hand is sucked onto the shaft = better grip.

Unihoc Hydro has a really sticky surface that provides a firm grip.

The edges of Unihoc Hydro are a bit thinner to make the grip as smooth as possible when you grip it on your stick and put the edges wrap-around.

In some places, the perforation is interrupted and the grip is smooth. Here is the text Hydro Grip punched in relief as a nice decor.

On the backside, Unihoc Hydro has a very thin foam foil, rather it is a light felty surface. The purpose is to provide a light shock absorption, but also to take care of the moisture that Hydro is absorbing from the surface.

Unihoc Hydro has a thin adhesive tape on the back for easier application to your floorball stick. Gently pull the protective paper away from the adhesive tape.

Hydro is traditionally tapered at both ends for a smoother, straight finish and a nice and smooth start at the shaft knob.

Sealing tape is included in the package.

Grip kind:Perforated
Grip type:Regular
Length:210 cm
Thickness:1,8 mm
Weight:37 gram
Width:28 mm