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Unihoc Feather Light black floorball grip wrap
Unihoc Grip Feather light Black

Unihoc Grip Feather light Black

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Unihoc Feather Light grip tape
Unihoc grip Feather Light - lightweight flooball grip.

With the Feather Light grip, Unihoc has put the focus on the weight a grip puts on your floorball stick. Unihoc Feather Light weighs only half of a common grip wrap.

Unihoc Feather Light is one of Unihoc's top grips. It is smooth and medium sticky.

On the grip there is a pattern with feathers in relief. As a further decoration, Unihoc's logo and the text Feather Light are in a matching color. Around the text there is a relief punch that adds an additional touch to Unihoc Feather Light grip.

It may seem like a little overcrowding to cut grams on a grip wrap. But along with a lighter blade and lighter shaft you get a stick where every gram plays a role for your playing experience.

Like most other grips, Unihoc Feather Light has thinner edges. It's because there will not be ridges when you put the grip on your floorball stick.

The backside of Feather Light has a really thin foam to get a little softer feeling. Feather Grip is also provided with a thin adhesive strip.

Unihoc Feather Light is tapered cut in both ends to get a better beginning and end of your gripping. Sealing tape is included.

Grip kind:Imprinted pattern
Grip type:Regular
Length:209 cm
Thickness:1,8 mm
Weight:25 gram
Width:28 mm