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Unihoc Elite Pro black floorball grip wrap
Unihoc Grip Elite Pro Black

Unihoc Grip Elite Pro Black

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Unihoc Elite Pro grip tape
Grip for floorball sticks, with holes that keep the grip fresh.

Unihoc grip Elite Pro for floorball stick has perforation to remove perspiration from the surface and thus hold the grip freshly.

Elite Pro has a good grip without being particularly sticky. The perforation consists of two lines a little larger hole in parallel and a row with smaller holes between them.

At Elite Pro there are five smooth areas with Unihocs Badge logo as decor.

The edges on Unihoc Elite Pro, are a little thinner and marked. This makes it smoother where the grip overlaps and becomes a small decorative border.

The grip is tapered at the beginning and the end. This makes it possible to get clean straight edge at the end and less thick material at the knob.

Unihoc Elite Pro has a thin foam foil on the back. The foam is easily shock absorbed and gives a more nice feeling. On the foam is a thin adhesive that makes it easier to fastening the grip on the stick.

Sealing tape included.

Color: Black
Grip kind: Perforated
Grip type: Regular
Length: 210 cm
Materials: Synthetic
Thickness: 2,0 mm
Weight: 43 gram
Width: 28 mm