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Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL in the group Goalie / Protection / Vest at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-22572-R)
Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL
Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL
Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL
Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL
Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL
Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL
Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL
Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL

Unihoc goalie t-shirt Rebound CTRL

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Unihoc Goalie Vest Flow Rebound ctrl
Protective shirt with ball-killing effect from Unihoc.

Unihoc Flow short-sleeved protective t-shirt or if you want a goalie vest. Protects you as a floorball goalkeeper mainly against hard shots.

Unihoc Flow with short sleeves is sewn into a smooth t-shirt model and is normal in size, although it should fit tight for best fit.

The sleeve ends just above the elbow and is straight stitched. The sleeve ends have a plain hem with double stitches. On the front of the sleeve is a protective padding of softer foam material. Under the sleeve the seam is open. It has two purposes: firstly, you get better ventilation in the vest, and secondly, you get greater mobility because there is no stitch that will hinder your arm. Also reduces the risk of cracking the seam in the armpit.

The vest itself is quite long in life to go down so it stays in place. At the bottom there is a wide sewn elastic to keep the protective vest in place.

On the front of Unihoc Flow Rebound ctrl there is sewn protective padding. The front piece is in double fabric and the protective plate is secured between these two layers. Around the edge runs a stitch in orange. There are also orange seams over the padding itself. This is to both keep it in place but also to create channels so that the slightly non flexible padding can bend easier.

The material in the protective plate is quite heavy, has a high density and is 8 mm thick. The material itself has a ball killing effect, hence the name Rebound ctrl. It also means that you have a high level of protection even with these thin plates.

Outside the ball-killing protective plate, there are two pads, one on each side. These are of the same thinner and lighter foam as the padding on the sleeve. At the top of the shoulder are two smaller protective pads in the same material.

The neck ring on the Unihoc Flow goalie vest Rebound ctrl is round and has a steadily slightly wider band edge. In the front, the wide band is cut and replaced with a narrower band.

The back of the Flow Rebound CTRL is made of the same fabric as the rest of the vest except for a long and 12 cm wide recesses of thinner mesh with rather large holes. Better ventilation and a little more mobility.
Color: Black
Fit: Regular
Materials: 50% Polyester, 50% PU PolyUrethane
Size: 150/170, M/L, XL/XXL, XS/S, XXXL
Suitable for: Junior, Senior
Washing: 40 degrees, ignoring both the fabric softener and dryer!
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