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Unihoc goalie pants Inferno White SR in the group Goalie / Pants at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-22234-R)
Unihoc goalie pants Inferno White SR
Unihoc goalie pants Inferno White SR

Unihoc goalie pants Inferno White SR

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Unihoc floorball goalie pants Inferno SR
Floorball goalkeeper pants for teams workhorse.

Unihoc Inferno floorball goalie pants for those who want a durable pants with flexibility.

Unihoc Inferno is made of steay nylon fabric that is slippery on the surface and gives a little cold feeling when touched. The middle part between right and left leg has been replaced with strong ribbed synthetic jersey. This gives you better mobility and the pants do not interfere with your movements in the floorball goal.

On the front of the legs, the fabric is reinforced with a heavy Cordura-type nylon fabric. The fabric and the entire knee portion have sewn pleats on both sides, giving a slight bending of the knee. The entire front of the pants is padded.

Above the reinforcement there is a strip, 5-8 cm high, where the fabric is folded with seams between. It also help the knee and pants to move and follow your leg better.

On the back of the knee part, the nylon fabric is replaced with vented mesh.

Unihoc Inferno has heavy plastic zippers on the back of the pants for easier donning. Over the zipper there is a strap as reinforcement.

Inferno has the classic design for goalkeeper pants. Fly is thus completely missing and replaced by two slits almost out in the side. These are closed with heavy velcro. The pants have hinges and a nylon belt with plastic buckle.

Color:Black, White
Materials:45% Polyester, 55% Cotton
Suitable for:Senior
Washing:Machine wash at 40 degrees with half machine, short spin, can be tumble dried at low temperature
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