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Unihoc EPIC Medium Light-Green in the group Floorball Blades / Unihoc at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-21731-R)
Unihoc EPIC Medium Light-Green
Unihoc EPIC Medium Light-Green
Unihoc EPIC Medium Light-Green
Unihoc EPIC Medium Light-Green
Unihoc EPIC Medium Light-Green
Unihoc EPIC Medium Light-Green

Unihoc EPIC Medium Light-Green

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Unihoc Epic floorball blade
Should this be the next Unihocs legendary floorball blade?

Epic Unihoc floorball blade is a blade made to fit very many floorball players. Epic is easy to play with good shoot and passing characteristics. A truly versatile blade.

Epic is a blade with even longitudinal concavity, from the heel to the blade tip. It enables you to have a great ball run, where you control where you release the ball in the shots. Concavity makes Epic a well played floorball blade. Epic is less concave than Unity.

The blade is pre-hooked with a relatively flat rounded tip forward. The top of the blade tip straightened up a bit. Epic also has a slightly under hooked blade edging at the bottom.

Underneath is the Epic provided with grooves. You can see the grooves on the picture. Grooves or ridges make less material touches the floor. Which in turn means that you get less friction. And less friction equals less resistance. It thus becomes easier to shoot and handle the blade against the surface. Especially good is this if you are playing strive floors.

Unihoc Epic have a heel portion which is rigid and steady. Blade neck continues into a party filled area at the the edge of the blade. The filling is, however, only on the forehand side so as not to give undue weight on the blade.

Epic is a fairly rigid blade with a slightly flexible blade tip.
Blade: Unihoc Epic
Blade Neck inner diameter: 18 mm
Cavity: 8 mm
Color: Green
Hardness: Medium
IFF Approved: Approved
Left/Right: Left, Right
Materials: PE plastic
No. of screws: 2
Release: 2016/2017
Screw mounting: Tip and heel
Screw type: Torx
Weight: 78 gram
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