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Floorball shoes for male floorball players

Good floorball shoes makes floorball more fun and gives less risk for injuries. Spend some more money on shoes than you imagined. Do you exercise a lot of floorball the shoes gets worn out even if they look nice. And to avoid injuries that can ruin the rest of the season or the rest of your floorball career, change shoes at least once a season. One tip is to have two pairs each season and switch between. The shoes actually need rest to last longer.
  • 36 39,5 40 40,5 41,5 42 42,5 43,5 44 44,5 45 45,5 46
  • Black Blue Green Grey Red White Yellow
  • Adidas Asics Kempa Mizuno Salming Unihoc
  • 2016/2017 2017/2018 2018/2019

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