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Salming X3M Pro Grip Grey floorball grip
Salming Grip X3M Pro Grip Grey

Salming Grip X3M Pro Grip Grey

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Salming X3M Pro Grip floorball grip
Superb good grip wrap for those who like a firm grip!

The Salming X3M Pro Grip is the floorball grip that has given the gray color its reputation as the best grips. This is the original "world's best grip wrap" long before other brands tried to rip off that title. If you want the world's best floorball grip, this is the one you're looking for. Everyone else is just copy cats!

The X3M Pro Grip is smooth with a really sticky feel. The edges are a bit thinner so the grip will be well wrap-around on every lap, when you grips your floorball stick.

At Salming X3M Pro Grip is the Salmings logo and the text X3M Pro Grip in tone-in-tone and embossed relief. Everything in order not to disturb the visual but also as prints on a grip wrap gives a little different surface that can interfere with the whole feeling in your grip.

The X3M Pro Grip has a thin foam foil on the back of grip. On the foam foil there is a thin layer of adhesive for easier attachment to your shaft. Sealing tape is included.

Color: Grey
Grip kind: Plain
Grip type: Regular
Length: 203 cm
Materials: Synthetic
Thickness: 2,0 mm
Weight: 35 gram
Width: 26 mm