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Salming Viper 5
Salming Viper 5
Salming Viper 5
Salming Viper 5
Salming Viper 5
Salming Viper 5
Salming Viper 5
Salming Viper 5

Salming Viper 5

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Salming Viper 5
Salmings floorball shoe Viper, fast as a snake.

Salming Viper 5 is a light and smooth floorball shoe that still is both cushioned and steady.

The upper is completely new and updated, called ViperSKIN. It consists of three layers of material that are joined together to create a steady and durable upper part.

Near the foot is a layer of mesh that gives a comfortable feel and makes the shoe airy.

Outermost you will find a plastic-like surface of TPU. TPU is a thermoplastic that is movable and flexible yet durable. This layer makes your shoes fit together and supports your foot.

Between the two layers there are microfiber that reinforces and adds steadyness in the right places.

The heel is enhanced with Salmings ErgoHeelCup. It means that the shoe stays well all the time and the heel is stable in relation to the rest of the shoe.

The inner sole is ergonomically designed and can be removed and replaced with your own sole if you want. The sole is EVA padded and has an anti-bacterial property.

The middle soles are cushioned with RunLite EVA, which is an easy form of padding. Viper 5 also has a very low drop. This means that slope from heel to toe is lower than on more subdued shoes. Of course, it will be at the expense of some padding, especially in the forefoot. But it also provides a faster shoe with a more ground-level feel in the step.

The outer sole of Viper 5 is a rubber sole with excellent grip. Below the front foot you will find a diagonal line, Salming sk T.G.S. 62 / 75o. This means that the sole allows the foot to move in its natural bend line.

The edges of the outer sole are shaped with your best for the eyes. On the outside, the finish is straight and forms a steady edge, LMS +, which reduces the risk of turning the foot outwards.

On the inside, the sole is rounded, Salming calls it RollBar. The round, instead, allows you to get a better kick-off in the step, but also that it's easier to angle your foot and cover shots.

Between the forefoot and heel is Salmings stabilizing bridge, LMS, Lateral Movement Stabilizer. It has the task of supporting the foot at fast turns and stops.

The tounge is quite thick, of mesh and padded for a more nice feel and comfort.

Color: White
Season: 2019/2020
Suitable for: Men
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