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Salming Team Backpack 18L
Salming Team Backpack 18L

Salming Team Backpack 18L

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Salming Team Backpack
Nice back pack from Salming Floorball

Salming Team Backpack from Salming is a nice backpack in the right size to have to work, school or training. The size makes the backpack is perfect for those who do not have so much gear with you and want to have your hands free.

The backpack has a rounded shape and consists of one large compartment. The compartment has padded pocket for a laptop or tablet. You lock the laptop pocket with a strap with Velcro.

The lid is rounded with a zipper around. There is also a small storage pocket with zipper at the top lid.

The sides are lightly padded to protect your content and give the backpack stability and shape. The back is a harder material to further protect the contents of the backpack. On the outside, however, pads are added so that you do not get a very uncomfortable backpack.

The backpack straps are contoured and lightly padded. The length can be adjusted with nylon straps and plastic buckles at the bottom. Carrying handle the same type of nylon strap top, for convenient handling.
Color: Black
Materials: 100% Synthetic
Size: Height: 47 cm, Width 31 cm, Depth: 20 cm
Volyme: 18 Liter