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Salming Quest3 Medium White in the group Blade / Salming at Innebandybutiken.se (1099-1115314E07LR)
Salming Quest3 Medium White

Salming Quest3 Medium White

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Salming Quest 3 floorball blade
Salming crosses Q1 and Q2, and get Q3 of course.

Salming Quest3 is more all-round than it's cousins ​​Q1 and Q2, everyone can not be the top scorers, someone has to pass the ball and create goal opportunities as well.

If you divide Q3 in parts you will recognize the blade tip from Q1 and the heel part of Q2 and part of Q1. Q3 perhaps has the most rigid blade tip of the three blades. It is due to the differences in cross-ribs design. Next to the front of the blade tip, you have two double ribs. It makes the blade become more rigid at the blade tip.

In the middle of the blade are the cross bar reinforced on the backhand side with filled fields on either side of the bar. This stabiliazes the blade and gives more power when you shoot from the blade center. This is where you have the blade sweet spot, that is the best shooting point of the blade.

The heel portion of Quest3 is clearly inspired by Q2 with its smooth extension of the blade neck. On the back at there are the three ribs that goes all the way down. This transfer the power from the shaft when you shoot,  all the way down to the blade and further to the ball.

Along the upper and lower blade border the holes are filled, you recognize that from Q1. It also makes Q3 stable and rigid.

Salming Quest 3 is maximized in size, big is not always good. However, Quest3 has a cavity formation that varies from the heel up to the blade tip. From 6.8 mm in the heel to 9.2 mm at the blade tip. Ball slide give the ball a faster rolling the farther out it comes to the tip. The higher scaling of the tip also means that you get a faintly ball pit. Ideal for poking the ball with.

Backhand, a pretty rounded due to the asymmetric cavity on the forehand.

Quest3 has a very straight character with a blade tip that does not bend in at the end. Clear under hook scooping up the ball for you.

This time Salming has really done it!

Blade:Salming Quest3
Blade Neck inner diameter:18 mm
Cavity:9 mm
IFF Approved:Approved
Left/Right:Left, Right
Materials:PE plastic
No. of screws:2
Screw mounting:Tip and heel
Screw type:Torx
Weight:80 gram
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