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Salming Kobra White
Salming Kobra White
Salming Kobra White
Salming Kobra White
Salming Kobra White
Salming Kobra White
Salming Kobra White
Salming Kobra White

Salming Kobra White

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Salming Kobra floorball shoes
Floorball shoes that combine everything, lightweight, stability and cushioning!

Salming Floorball Kobra shoes focuses on everything you need in a couple of really good floorball shoes. Cushioning where needed, stability, good grip and low weight.

Salming Kobra has a new outsole with Salming HexaGrip. The sole is made of durable rubber with a pattern in the shape of hexagons. It gives you an excellent grip on indoor floors. The sole is three channels unde the foot front. This is where your natural lines for flexing are in your feet.

You will also find Salming LMS+ and RollBar on the sole. These are recognizable from all Salming floorball shoes. Rollbar is the rounded edge of the foot inside. It allows you to get quick lateral push-off and also bending the foot down comfortably. For example, when you go down and blocking shots.

On the outside of the foot, you will find the LMS+. LMS stands for Lateral Movement Stabilizer, which means that this is the sole instead of a straight, slightly protracted edge. This feature lets you not likely to bend the foot unnecessarily at risk for sprains and stretched ligaments. LMS also makes it easier to make quick stops and turns.

The midsole has a new type of cushioning, Recoil. It is a lightweight cushioning that takes care of the energy of your steps and bounces it back to you. Even in the heel you find it, but in another variant, Recoil R. Here the task is instead to kill the energy and reduce impact and give you as much comfort as possible.

Salming Kobra is light weight shoe. And light floorball shoes and stability do not usually go hand in hand. But Salming has developed a system called Wrap Around System Design. This feature is available in the shoe's heel. You see it as the sole go up on the far side of the heel. The heel has a harder inner core. The system keeps your heel in place while it still allows you to move freely.

The top of Salming Kobra is of mesh, which gives good comfort in the shoe and light weight. To stabilize, Salming ExoSkeleton integrated in the upper. You see it as the stripes under the outer mesh. The stripes extension becomes the eyelets that the shoelace runs through. When you pull the laces, you stabilize the shoe around your foot. Reinforcement front of the toe and sides for better wear resistance.

The insole is anatomically shaped, made of EVA cushioning compund and can be removed and replaced.

The tongue and the edge around the heel is padded for a comfortable fit.
Color: White
Season: 2016/2017
Suitable for: Men
Weight: 321 gram
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